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[Jun. 21st, 2010|03:20 pm]
[Tags|, ]


Meet Hamham. Yes, this is the bugger from the "Hamham needs facebook" group on fb.
Speaking of which, if you're from our school, DO JOIN THE DAMN GROUP & INVITE ALL YOUR RP FRIENDS ALRIGHT! :D

So anyway.
Ended work at rushed to Somerset to meet up with Ham, who turned out to be later than I am. (And to think I reached 40mins
later from the supposed meeting time. Haha!) But yeah, went over to *Scape for Shafie's Nike Cup! I can't even remember the
last time I went over to that place. It was freaking hugggge. Hahahaha. On the flip side though, I made myself resist the
temptation of going over to the Flea going on at Scape park. (Okay b made me resist. But still.) 

So the Nike Cup went on. Thank god I knew quite a number of the kids there though, or I'd be left like a sucker sweating under the sun, watching boys kick balls around and not doing anything else rather than trying to find Ham who went missing in the middle of it all. Hahahahaha. And for the first time, I was at a tournament supporting someone, instead of being the one getting support. And I looked around at all the other girls sitting with me on the stands, I never thought I'd see myself as a WAG. Hahahahaha. Oh god. 


SPANZ (or their other alias name - Phattzions) played really good. And at the end of the day, they got through to the Nike cup finals and are a step closer to their chance of an all-expense paid trip to Brazil for Joga. Fuh! 

Managed to make the boys agree to walked all the way from Scape to Fareast for dinner at Cahaya. God knows how much I
miss their wantans! :D (And god knows how much the boy ate. Palahap. Hahahaha.) Tried to waste as much time as possible,
while waiting for the rest of the SHL kids who had their CE activity going on - walk from Ion to Scape & earn 2 NDA points. Good deal, huh? Hahaha. 

Window shopped for quite some time until the rest are finally done. Headed over to Fareast back again after that
and it was the rooftop as usual. Played dare or dare and god knows what we did up there. Hahahahaha! 
And then they gay-ed the night off until its time to go home, like they always do. :D

And of course, after today and any other day,
I love you, you bitch faggot.